Friday, August 5, 2011

A Puppet Of Clay

Often, as I look through my old window,
I wonder from where does this wind blow.

There must be someone who made trees,
And then make them move to and fro.

Often, as I look into the burning sun,
I start to think of HIM, the Greatest One.

HE is the Creator and the Protector of all!

HE gave me eyes to see HIS grace,
HE gave me a tongue just to praise HIM.

Today, when I think of my bad deeds,
All selfish talks and my worldly greeds,
My eyes get filled with tears and shame.

With pain and sorrow, my heart bleeds.

For how long in this world will I stay?
Surely, I'll have to leave one day.

With the passage of time, I've realized.
I am nothing but a "puppet of clay!"

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