Friday, December 2, 2011

Wished I Could Put The Feelings I Have Now

Wished I could put the feelings I have now
On top of the bright white bluish cloudy sky
So that everyone could see them
Where the birds could fly freely above the sky
Just like I wished I could be one of them
Its not too hot nor too cold
So I could open my wings of love
To share the love and the happiness with whoever needed them
To bring them towards the real and true love of mankind
To attain the most wonderful blessings from the Lord

Wished I could put the feelings I have now
Deep down under the crystal clear blue wide open sea
So everyone could try to dive n share the beauty of its treasure
Despite the difficulties one had to face, the risks of losing own life
And thats what we must go through in life, striving for the best in life and happiness
Getting tempted by the beauty of true love through the calamities
Just like the beautiful innocent fish swimming happily
If not being the prey to some greedy and selfish arrogant bloody shark
Hoping to reach its safe and sound destination far away
In the colorful beautiful mountain of corals

Wished I could put the feelings I have now
Up in the highest ever mountain of the world
So everyone could feel how good it was to be at the top of the world
By putting lots of effort through thick and thin of reaching the peak
Every breath and sweat meant a lot
Nothing could equally measure them
Falling and rising was the most common
Though we must keep going on
Land of everlasting love and happiness was the destination to be found
By the grace of Allah everything is possible

Wished I could put the feelings I have now
To every blow of soft fresh and cool night wind
So everyone could feel the love I was sending them
To hug them tight in good night sleep
And to bring them the sweetest dream ever
For them to wake in the next morning in cheer
Forgetting the past that haunted the memory
To live the present of today’s diary
Striving for the best life of future

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